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Casa Adelante - 1296 Shotwell


Our Development Team

Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA)


Rooted in the Mission and focused on San Francisco, MEDA’s mission is to strengthen low- and moderate-income Latino families by promoting economic equity and social justice through asset building and community development.

We envision generations of Latino families with sufficient financial assets to thrive, and the ability to call San Francisco their permanent home. Inspired by the past and present life of the Mission District, families are rooted in vibrant, diverse and forward-thinking communities, have opportunities to grow and are actively engaged in the civic and political life of their neighborhoods and the institutions that affect their lives.

San Francisco’s Mission District has always been a supportive place for low-income and immigrant Latinos, but it’s now one of the most unaffordable neighborhoods in the country. In fact, 8,000 Latinos have been forced from their homes in the last decade — that’s over 25 percent of this community. MEDA is using our years of experience to keep Latinos and working families 
in the Mission District and help them thrive.

Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC)

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The Mission of the Chinatown Community Development Center is to build community and enhance the quality of life for San Francisco residents. We are a place-based community development organization serving primarily the Chinatown neighborhood, and also serve other areas throughout the City. We are a community development organization with many roles - as neighborhood advocates, organizers and planners, and as developers and managers of affordable housing.

We believe in a comprehensive vision of community, a quality environment, a healthy neighborhood economy, and active voluntary associations. We are committed to the empowerment of low-income residents, diversity and coalition building, and social and economic justice.

Herman Coliver

Herman Coliver Locus Architecture


Herman Coliver Locus Architecture has been nationally recognized for its work on affordable housing, schools and sacred spaces for non-profits as well as homes for private clients. The practice's work for neighborhood-based development corporations includes housing for seniors and families, the developmentally disabled, the homeless, those recovering from substance abuse, and other under-served populations.  

Each project carries the signature of its clients' needs, gives shape to their dreams and aspirations, and attempts to provide emotional and intellectual sustenance as well as shelter.  The firm's designs use space, light and delight to mark the passage of time and to tie spaces to the rhythms of nature.

Cahill Contractors


Cahill Contractors has been building with quality and integrity for over 100 years. We specialize in residential, education, civic, healthcare, and commercial construction in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cahill has a track record of successfully and proactively partnering with disadvantaged and small/local businesses. Cahill embraces and actively seeks to surpass any goals or requirements for small/local or minority business involvement. Cahill assists these businesses through the construction process to support their success and build their capabilities.

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